Wiro Exercise Books

Wiro Exercise Books

Wiro binding is a highly popular kind of commercial book-binding. Its well-known as double loop, twin loop, wire-o, double-o, ring wire, and wirebrand binding. Wiro exercise books make use of separate loops that are made of wires which are then looped through each hole and are punched along the edge of book.

Each spine is further squeezed together with one wire that is closer so that ends can meet to form ring-shaped binding.

Wiro exercise books offered by Global Paper Link are ideally used as notebooks and easel-type book such as desk calendars.

The cover and pages on Wiro exercise books can be folded completely back on one another through the 360-degree binding, without its spine getting damaged. Our Wiro exercise books have pages that turn easily and will lie flat when it is opened.

Clients may choose to customize the type and thickness of paper, and size can be customized too.

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